Contestants must be 21 years of age to compete. Photo ID shall be verified. The Pageant Director or designee shall have the right to investigate the age.

Queen Pageantry System prides itself on diversity. We encourage all competing in the female persona to enter in the Queen Division. We believe a Queen is a Queen. To enter the Queen division it shall not matter if you are petite, plus-sized, pre-op, post-op, born a male, or born a female; the person with the highest score, competing in the female persona, at the end of the competition shall be crowned QUEEN.

The entry fee for the inaugural competition will be $300.00.

Any contestant who has paid an entry fee but fails to compete in the competition forfeits the entry fee.

Judging for all nights of competition will be based on a total points accumulated system.  Any ties will be broken by the contestant with the highest talent score.

Contestants will be judged in the following categories:

  • Showgirl Presentation
  • Swimsuit
  • Talent
  • Evening Gown
  • Onstage Question (top 5 only)

Talent presentation will be limited to five (5) minutes. Prop setup and teardown time for final night will be limited to three (3) minutes total. In the interest of time and space, Talent presentation will be timed from the submitted medium. Talents without pre-recorded media will be timed during the competition. Talent presentations over five (5) minutes without prior written approval from the pageant director, will have administrative points deducted.

Pre-recorded audio must of high-quality, on a CD and must be the only item burned onto that CD. The CD must have the contestant’s name and contestant number written clearly on it. Video presentations must be approved in writing by the pageant director no later than two weeks prior to competition.

The use of live animals is strictly prohibited. Contestants may not use fire, water or glitter as part of their talent presentation. Use of prohibited items will result in a minimum of 20 points deducted per judge in the category in which the violation occurred.

The use of, or dispensing of, illegal drugs or marijuana will not be tolerated while a contestant is participating in the Queen Pageantry System. Violation of this rule will result in immediate disqualification.

Administrative points may be deducted for any contestant late to any scheduled, required event.

Any contestant, contestant's dancer(s), helper(s), et al. who is caught in the act of stealing or tampering with another person's possessions will be immediately disqualified and removed from the location of the pageant.

The QUEEN and will be required to sign a contract with Queen Pageantry System prior to disbursement of any prize money. Failure to sign the contract will mean forfeiture of the title and any and all prize monies/gifts.

Upon completion of the QUEEN’s reign, she may, at her discretion, enter the competition on the final night of her step-down as finalist number 11. The reigning QUEEN shall make this decision public after the top 10 finalists have been announced. In the event that a reigning QUEEN decides to compete again, her remaining prize monies, minus the entry fee, will be made available immediately upon re-entering the contest. A QUEEN may only reign two consecutive terms. Former QUEENs may not re-enter the competition.

Queen Pageantry System reserves the right to make any decision concerning any matter not covered in the contestant handbook.

For complete rules and guidelines, please review the Official Handbook. (link above)